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Student Ministry Apprentice Job Description

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TITLE:                         Student Ministry Apprentice

CATEGORY:               Part-time, No benefits

COMMITMENT:        Approximately 15 hours/week during the school year

ORGANIZATION:      theRefuge Church

LOCATION:               Lakeland, TN (Arlington, TN)

REPORTS TO:           Director of Student Ministry


As an apprentice, you will have a wide array of responsibilities. You will build relationships with students, parents, and volunteers (at the building and in the community), lead small groups, and help with administrative tasks. You will help shop and set-up for events/activities, attend sporting events/extracurricular activities, school lunches, and school functions. You will be given a weekly stipend and if desired, we can pair you with a family from our church family who can provide you a place to stay.


Weekly Gathering

•       You will be required to attend our weekly gatherings on Sunday mornings and develop relationships with adults and teens that attend, regardless of if they are active in our student ministry.

Student Gospel Community Groups

•       You will co-lead one of our student gospel community groups on Sunday nights and interact with the students from your group during the week.

Student Contact

•       Proactively enter the world of students at school events and sporting events/extra-curricular events.

•       Build natural and lasting relationship connections with families.

•       Be available to lend counsel to students (and their parents, in conjunction with the Director of Student Ministries).

•       Intentionally mentor students.

Staff Team

•       Actively participate in our Student GC Leader Meetings and church-wide staff functions.



Student Gospel Community Groups (Sunday Nights)

Student Gospel Community Groups gather officially on Sunday nights from 5-8 PM. From 5-6 we have dinner, games, and fellowship; from 6-7 students meet with their Gospel Community Group (small group); from 7-8, we have more time to play games, hang out, and fellowship.

Bi-Monthly Community Building Events (Even Months)

Each month, we have an “activity day”; even months are Community Building events. These events have included Grizzlies’ Games, Redbirds’ Games, a trip to Main Event, a trip to Cedar Hill Farms, Boys paintball, and Girls Christmas Party.

Bi-Monthly Service Projects (Odd Months)

Each month, we have an “activity day”; odd months are Serve Days. These events have included Orange Mound Serve Days, serving at Memphis Union Mission, working on projects around our building, etc. 

Spring Break Mission Trip (March)

In March, our activity is our Spring Break Mission Trip, designed to give students a taste of the mission field. Through His Word, God has called us to serve others. The trip challenges students to serve others while participating in hands-on ministry to the community. This is a labor-intensive trip.

Beach Camp (June)

This is a great week for students in grades 6-12 (currently) to get away for the week, relax, and study God’s Word. They have the opportunity to hang out with friends, swim, shop, play beach volleyball, parasail, and relax on the white sands of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Students will have the opportunity to grow spiritually through worship, teaching, and fellowship with friends.

TADS (Tuesdays in July)

Summer Activity Days take place once a week in July and vary from local service projects to day trips to out of state theme parks/special activities.

Meet-Ups (Random)

Occasionally, we will post on social media that we will all meet for lunch, a movie, etc. These spontaneous events typically occur over Holidays/Breaks (Fall Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break).



The following describes some of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for a Student Ministry Apprentice at theRefuge Church:


•       Energized by interaction with people: students, parents, leaders, congregants, and staff.

•       Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program.

•       Experience volunteering with a student ministry.

•       An ability to connect with students at varying spiritual maturity levels.


•       Evidence of a contagious personal faith, a walk with Jesus, and a love for the lost.

•       A love and reverence for God.

•       Spiritually gifted and committed to teaching God's Word and biblical principles.

•       Passion for the growth of the local church.

•       Desire to mentor multiple students.

•       Desire to equip students to follow Christ fully.

Ideally, the candidate will have a desire to eventually serve in student ministry full-time, at theRefuge Church or at another Christian church.


For more information, you can also visit and click the “About” tab. 

We are a rapidly growing non-denominational church, affiliated with the Acts 29 Network. We value expository (verse-by-verse) teaching and community. Being involved in theRefuge, feels like being involved in a big, loud family.

We are intentional with our language and our calling. We do not go to church. We are the church. We own a building, but we feel called to be active members of our community and frequently do ministry apart from our building. 

As of September 2018, we have two gatherings on Sunday mornings (9 AM and 11 AM) with an average attendance between 350-400 (in September 2017, theRefuge was averaging 150 on a Sunday morning).

Student Ministry at theRefuge launched in November 2017 with 17 students. Since then, we have had over 150 students participate in Gospel Community Groups and/or special events. We average about 80 students on Sunday nights, currently.

Currently, our paid staff team includes a full-time teaching pastor, full-time executive pastor, full-time student director, part-time kids director, and part-time administrative assistant for our elders.


For more information, contact:


Cole D. Fullerton, Student Director

theRefuge Church Student Ministry

9817 Huff N Puff Road

Lakeland, TN 38002

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