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June 25th through the 29th, we will travel to Gulf Shores, Alabama for Summer Camp! This trip is open to any middle or high school student. As with all of our off-campus events, a notarized release form is required. In the meantime you can register and if you have any questions about this event or any upcoming student events, you can contact Cole Fullerton.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is included in the cost?

A: Transportation to/from the beach, Meals at the beach, lodging at the beach, and a trip t-shirt.


Q: How will my child travel to the beach?

A: We will rent vans, to be driven by our adult volunteers/staff


Q: Who will be chaperoning my child?

A: The Student Director, Student Ministry Volunteers, and parents will be chaperoning all students at the beach and we will maintain at least a 8:1 ratio of Students to Adults.


Q: Are the adults background checked?

A: Absolutely. Every adult who leads a Student Gospel Community Group at theRefuge, drives for any of our events, or chaperones any of our events is background checked.


Q: Where is "the beach"?

A: We are staying in Orange Beach, Alabama


Q: Where will my child stay?

A: We will stay in a duplex. Males and females will not sleep or shower on the same side.


Q: May my child bring their phone/digital camera/ipod?

A: Yes! Your son/daughter may bring their handheld electronic device; however, theRefuge Church and its staff (paid and volunteer) are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of said devices.


Q: May my child bring their Xbox/PS/Nintendo?

A: No. We ask that students not bring gaming systems to plug into the TVs in our house. We want students to enjoy the beach and socialize with one another, not sit in a room by themselves and play video games.


Q: What if there is an emergency?

A:  In the unlikely event of an emergency, you will be contacted by the Director of Student Ministries.


Q: What does a Typical Day look like? What time will they wake-up, eat, go to bed, etc?

A: You can view last year's schedule here.


Q: I still have questions, who can I talk to regarding this trip?

A: You can email Cole Fullerton at