Spring Break Mission Trip 2019-02.png

March 12th-16th, we will travel to Smyrna, TN to serve Wherry Housing Community and stay in the dorms built for mission teams. While there, we will help with many labor-intensive projects, potentially including: roofing, painting, demolition, yard work/landscaping, etc. This is an awesome mission trip that is open to any middle or high school student. As with all of our off-campus events, a notarized release form is required. If you have any questions about this event or any upcoming student events, you can contact Cole Fullerton.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It cost $325/student; however if you register before the end of 2018, you will receive a $125 discount making the trip only $200/student.


Q: What is included in the cost?

A: Transportation to/from Wherry, Meals (at Wherry), lodging at Wherry, supplies for our missions projects, night activities, and a trip t-shirt.


Q: How will my child travel to Wherry?

A: We will rent vans, to be driven by our adult volunteers/staff


Q: Where is Wherry?

A: Wherry Housing Community is located in Smyrna, TN (a suburb of Nashville)


Q: Where will my child stay?

A: We stay in dorms located inside of the Wherry neighborhood. All boys will stay in one bunk room and all of the girls will stay in another.


Q: Can my child bring electronic devices on this trip?

A: Students may bring cellphones for the van ride. I will take up all of the devices when we arrive at Wherry and give them back the day we leave. We do this, because we want your child to get to know the other students on the trip and to serve others without distractions.


Q: What if I want to talk with my child or they want to talk with me?

A: Students are welcome to use my phone before breakfast or after dinner, if they would like to call you.


Q: What if there is an emergency? How will my child contact me?

A: All of the adult leaders will have their phones. In the unlikely event of an emergency, I will contact you.


Q: What does a Typical Day look like? What time will they wake-up, eat, go to bed, etc?

A: You can view our tentative schedule here.