Photos from Refuge Youth at CityServe Camp 2017

Check out all the photos from this week's City Serve Camp 2017!

Refuge Family Membership – Refuge101 - Our Next Class - May 7, 2017

How do I become a member @theRefuge??

This is a question many of you may have – and one we answer in our Refuge101 class.  It’s one of the steps we take in becoming a Refuge Family Member at theRefuge Church.

Our next Refuge101 Class is scheduled for March 5, 2017 – immediately following our Sunday Gathering. We will spend two hours walking with you through our beliefs, our mission, and how you can find your place to plug-in to this Refuge Family. 

Hope you’ll join us. You can register closer to the time of the event on theCity or sign up at the greeting table on Sunday.


2017 Refuge101 dates:   May 7 - July 9 - September 10 - November 12

What are my Next Steps @theRefugeChurch ??

We would love for you to join our gospel-centered Family as we follow Jesus on mission. We want to make it easy for you to connect.

Try these opportunities to take your next step in moving from Guest to Family.

  • Meet our Pastors, staff & other "Fugees" at a DISCOVER gathering at Pastor Scott's home
  • 2017 DISCOVER dates:   April 23 - May 21 - June 25
  • Experience life in a Gospel Community.
  • Begin your move from Guest to Family in Refuge 101. This class covers what we believe, what you should expect from your church leaders, and what is asked of you as Family @theRefuge. 
  • Give - support your church family and the mission God has entrusted to all of us.
  • Get involved - find a place to serve!  This body is better because you utilize your gifts to serve one another.
  • Engage with our Elders at your Pastoral-Care Meeting.

Do you have any questions about getting connected, what a gospel-centered church is, what it looks like to follow Jesus on mission as part of a Gospel Community, or about our hero Jesus Christ? Our pastors or leaders will be available in the lobby after each gathering to answer any questions.

Kroger Community Awards - benefiting theRefuge Church

If you haven't already, or it's been a while since you have, click on the link below to link your Kroger Card Account to benefit theRefuge.

Search for "The Refuge Church" or organization number 60023

If you need more help, click here for step-by-step instructions. If any other assistance is needed in linking your account, feel free to give Blake Arnold a call at 901-604-6614.

DISCOVER more about theRefuge Church

If you have been checking out theRefuge Church - or simply want to know more about our Church Family, DISCOVER is a great Next Step!

Take advantage of this time to meet with our pastors and some of our staff at Pastor Scott & Geri's home.  12292 Forrest Street in Arlington.  We will serve dessert and coffee and spend some time sharing some insight into theRefuge Church, our vision, and how to move from Guest to Family.  

This is a great time to ask questions in a smaller environment and find out what theRefuge is all about.

No need to register...just show up.  

March 18 - 6:30 pm

2017 Dates:  April 23 - May 21 - June 25 - July 16

See you there!

Children's Ministry - K-1 Class - Need ONE Volunteer

By the Grace of God - our Children's Ministry is GROWING!  

Are you looking for a place to serve? Do you love to be around babies? If so, we have just the place for you to utilize your gifts! 

Our K-1 class has an opening for a teacher one Sunday each month  - as well as the months that have a 5th Sunday (4 times/year).

If you want to know more or begin to serve in this area of ministry, please contact our Children's Director, Jennifer Cockroft at

Gospel Communities - (GC's)

Gospel Community Groups are where life is lived out - and our mission is carried out - at theRefuge.

We have many different groups that meet throughout the Arlington/Lakeland/Memphis area on different nights of the week.

If you’re not part of a GC yet, see someone at the information table in the foyer, inquire with a Blue Shirt - or sign up for one - on Sunday!