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On Sunday, April 28th, our Student Team will be in the Student Game Room to answer any questions you may have about serving in Student Ministry during the 2019-2020 school year. We would love to have you stop by anytime between 10:15-11:00 and learn more about what serving in Student Ministry looks like. We will also have light refreshments and applications!


There are a number of ways for you to get involved with our Student Ministry Team! Below, you will find summaries of the three main ways to serve. Notably, all of our teams ROCK and play an important role within our ministry.

Hospitality Team: This team focuses on the details. They arrive around 4 PM and make sure that everything is set up for our dinner at 5. Throughout the evening, they serve at the Welcome Desk and answer questions for new students/parents, ensure that everyone checks in on the ipads, and help new students fill out connection cards. After the evening is over, this team (along with our Student SALT team) makes sure that the space is clean and extra food/plasticware is all stored away. The Student Hospitality Team is currently headed up by Martha Jones. Please contact her for more information.

Safety Team: This team focuses on the safety of our students, while they are on campus. They ensure that students stay inside of designated areas and that random people do not wander through our environments. The Student Safety Team is currently headed up by Doug Bailey. Please contact him for more information.

Student GC Leader: Being a Student GC Leader is the most time-intensive way to serve in Student Ministry, but it can also be the most rewarding. These adults co-lead small groups with ideally 8-12 students in them each Sunday night. You can find more information on leading a Student GC in the documents below and contact Cole Fullerton with any questions.


Student GC Leader Files


thoughts from our current student gc leaders

“My favorite part of leading a Student GC has been watching the kids grow in their faith and learn from the word of God. At first I questioned my ability to really teach them, but it’s been fun to actually learn alongside them and find answers together.” Amy Churchwell, Middle School Girls

“My favorite part about leading a Student GC has been the ability to create a safe space for our girls to come to. In that space where we come together, Alison and I have witnessed little light bulbs go off in their minds and connections being made to God. It’s been incredible to watch God work on them and on us. I definitely doubted my ability to teach anyone anything about the Bible as I am still an infant myself when it comes to this book. In hindsight, it’s actually been really helpful for me to grow alongside them and learn with them. It has also made me dive deeper to find a better understanding of God’s word.” Macey Shock, Middle School Girls