Student GC Leaders

Student Gospel Community Group Leaders are a major asset to our Student Ministry. They're primary role is to get to know students and to lead discussion groups on Sunday nights, but they also assist with our special events and so many other things!

Serving since August 2019

Serving since August 2019

Alison Garland, HS Girls gc leader

Originally from Nashville, Alison, and her husband Drew, moved to Memphis four years ago for his job. Memphis has now become our home, and our Refuge family is what makes it home! Alison has taught for 10 years and currently teaches English as a Second Language and sponsors the Drama Club at Lakeland Middle Prep. If you need to catch up on your Spanish or the latest Broadway hit, Alison is your gal! 

Chris Godsey.jpg

Chris Godsey, Junior/Senior GC Leader

Chris co-leads the High School GC with his wife Natalee of 14 years. He enjoys amusement parks, travelling with his family, and Arkansas Razorback football. Chris is employed with Wells Fargo Bank where he telecommutes from home in his shorts and loves it! They have a 10-year-old daughter, Caroline, who is the center of their universe while they work daily to keep her alive.


Cirielle Gaskins, 6/7 Girls GC Leader

Ciri is from Costa Rica, she has been a missionary for 6 years and through missions she meet her husband Dustin who she married two years ago and then moved to Memphis. She joined the Refuge Church as soon as she moved to town. She is energetic, funny and loud, believe me when I say it is very easy to be friends with her.


Cole Fullerton, Student Director

Cole grew up in Collierville, TN and is a proud alumni of both Collierville High School and Middle Tennessee State University. He started working with students in high school and continued to do so while living in Murfreesboro. After graduating college, he returned to Collierville working as the Director in a local Student Ministry. In September of 2017, he joined the Staff Team at theRefgue church to launch Refuge Student Ministry.

Serving since June 2019

Serving since June 2019

Dana Viox, 8 girls GC Leader

Check back soon for Dana’s bio!

Serving since November 2017

Serving since November 2017

Jason Wallgren, middle school coordinator

Jason has to be one of our tallest student GC leaders. How tall? Just ask him and he'll tell you "VERY Tall!" Not originally from the south, most are surprised where he was born and raised. Can you guess where? Hint, ask him to say quarter, daughter, or water. Whether going for bike rides, walks, or to the movies he LOVES spending time with his family.  Married for 15 years to Rachael,  he beams with joy when discussing all the accomplishments their autistic son Jakers(13) has achieved... oh, and how much pride he has for his little girl Ryan(11) and how she watches out for
her big brother. And he can solve a rubic cube in under 5 minutes (that's not really fast, but he's proud of it).

Serving since March 2019

Serving since March 2019

jeri davis, 6/7 Girls GC Leader

Check back soon for Jeri’s bio!


John Paul Clark, 8 Boys GC Leader

John Paul and his family have been members of The Refuge for the past 6 years.  During this time, he has worked with the children / youth group – he has taught the 4th/5th grade Sunday school class for the past few years and has been involved with the youth group since the early stages of group development.  He currently is a co-leader for one of the Middle School boys groups.  He, his wife (Alicia) and two daughters, Laura Kate (12) and Audrey (8) are not necessarily ardent nature adventurists, but enjoy biking and nature walks.  Other hobbies include wood-working and playing corn-hole with the neighbors.


Leslie webb, 6/7 Girls GC Leader

Check back soon for Leslie’s bio!

Serving since November 2017

Serving since November 2017

Luke St. Clair, High School Coordinator

Luke and his wife Lisa have two kids, Miles (13) and Marley (17). In Luke's "free time", he coaches Arlington Arsenal 14U, Arlington Middle School Baseball, a rec baseball team, and a rec basketball team - basically, if you're looking for Luke, just drive to the nearest athletic facility.

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Macey Shock, 8 Girls GC Leader

Macey and her husband Hunter, along with their daughter Lilly (5), moved from Arkansas to Lakeland two years ago for work. She and her family have been a part of the Refuge family since May 2017. Macey is new to student ministry and is very excited to get to know each one of the students and help them grow in their faith. In her spare time, you will find Macey spending lots of time chasing Lilly around, shopping, or even refurbishing old pieces of furniture. She and her family love adventure and are constantly searching for new and exciting ways to live each day!

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natalee Godsey, junior/senior GC Leader

Natalee teaches 6th grade math at Arlington Middle School. You can see her driving her golf-cart to and from school most weekday mornings. She also works with her husband, Chris, to keep Caroline (10) alive.

Serving since August 2019

Serving since August 2019

Wes Glass, 8 Boys GC Leader

Check back soon for Wes’ bio!



SALT stands for Service and Leadership Team. These students help set-up for and clean up after events and help plan our monthly student events. If you're coming for the first time and looking for an extra friendly face, these students are here for you!

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Garrett street

Check back soon for Garrett’s bio!


Jordan bruce

Jordan is a 8th grader at Arlington Middle. She is on the dance team, loves surfing and the beach, and enjoys hanging out with her friends.

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Toby Harrell

Check back soon for Toby’s bio!


Tyler Rochelle

Tyler is a freshman at Arlington high school and he enjoys playing baseball and being outdoors