Most of us struggle to live out the gospel in the everyday activities and rhythms of life. The rhythmic, daily activities of eating, working, playing and resting seem ordinary—far removed from the “sacred” space of Jesus and any sort of “spiritual life.” That leaves us with a huge gap—a spiritual life that fails to permeate where real life is lived.

The result is often a daily life that, at best, gets sprinkled and peppered with a few devotional thoughts when we "remember" that life is supposed to be more than getting laundry done, going to work, fixing dinner, making it to practice on time, finishing homework, working out, and updating our Facebook status.

Additionally, "spiritual" activities become "extra" activities that we must now somehow try to cram into our already busy, overwhelmed lives. Compounding the issue is that the majority of these spiritual activities occur away from our daily lives in a building that we go to…but the laundry, work, dinner, practice, homework, work out and Facebook are still waiting.

Welcome to life as most of us know it—completely fragmented and fractured.

Our encouragement is not to add something more to your life - but to live your life with great gospel intentionality.


We eat in light of our gospel identity, learning that our physical AND spiritual hunger is satisfied in Jesus.


We work in light of our gospel identity, learning to produce for the blessing of others rather than our own consumption.


We play in light of our gospel identity, learning to enjoy and create out of our freedom in Jesus.


We rest in light of our gospel identity, learning that Jesus is in control and we don’t have to be.